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It's about change!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

October 7, 2019

Boy, we sure were looking for it. People talked about it for a week and a half. They talked about it quite a lot on the TV and radio. Even the sports talk guys mentioned it. I heard a bunch of different people say they could hardly wait for it to arrive. It didn’t matter whether you were male or female, white, black, red or yellow. Rich folks were looking for it and so were poor folks. Smart folks and not-so-smart folks were waiting with bated breath as well. I was waiting and looking and hoping myself. I’ll bet you were too. It FINALLY got here this past Sunday. What was IT? The cold front that would usher in autumn and not only that, it would also bring much needed rain to the area. As significant as that cold front was to the people living in Middle Tennessee, that isn’t the focus of my thoughts this morning. My attention was drawn to the fact that so many people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and economic situations were living with anticipation. They were excited and almost giddy as the cold front inched its way into the area. As glad as I am to see the season’s change, did you know there is another event on the way that is going to make this cold front seem like small potatoes? It will not only effect Middle Tennessee, this event will happen on a worldwide scale and it will rock the world…literally. With the democrats and republicans feuding with one another and all this talk about impeachment, gender confusion, climate change, and social injustice, this upcoming event receives very little attention, even among the people who should be the most interested in it. Did you know that Jesus is coming back? When He does, it won’t matter what your gender is. It won’t matter who sits behind the big desk in the Oval office. It won’t matter if you have more degrees on your walls than a thermometer. It won’t matter whether you live in a mansion or in a box. When Jesus returns, the only thing that will matter is whether or not you know Him as your Savior. Fellow Christians, we have a job to do. If only we were as diligent looking for and talking about Jesus as we were about the cold front, Middle Tennessee would not only be seeing autumn right now, we would also be seeing revival. Hearts of men, women, girls, and boys given over to and focused on Jesus.

Now THAT is a climate change I can get behind!

Bowie Park in the Fall

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