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Not Always What It Seems!

May 8, 2022 . . .

This morning, while eating my breakfast of Waffles and milk, I passed the time by reading the labels on the bottle of Log Cabin maple syrup (Don’t laugh, you’ve done the same thing). The front label had a quaint picture of a log cabin, complete with a snow-covered roof and smoke gently rising from the chimney. When I turned the bottle around to read the back label, I quickly scanned passed the nutritional information. After all, I already knew Waffles, maple syrup, and milk are not the least bit nutritious. However, it was a delicious breakfast, so there’s that! As I continued reading the label, I discovered where Log Cabin maple syrup is made. With the snow-covered log cabin on front, I expected to see that the syrup was made in rural Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, or some other New England location. Do you know where Log Cabin maple syrup is made? Chicago, Illinois. The Log Cabin company should be sued for false advertising! Not only was Log Cabin syrup NOT made from trees tapped from in front of the Log Cabin on the label, it was, in fact, made in some factory on the banks of Lake Michigan. The only things a rural New England Log Cabin and an urban Chicago factory have in common are the facts they both have forty feet of snow in the winter, and it is about a bazillion degrees below zero in both places. Log Cabin syrup my eye. I was and still am disappointed to say the least. In fact, I am so disappointed and aggravated that I am pretty sure I used bad grammar to express myself in a couple of previous sentences, so I must apologize to my friend and English teacher Ben Dennis. He taught me correctly, sometimes it just didn't stick! However, amid my all my disappointment and bad grammar, I started pondering. Before I write a letter to my attorney so he can commence with the great Log Cabin deception lawsuit, I must admit that at times, I too am guilty of not being everything I advertise to be. I claim to be a church going, Bible believing Christian and I am. I try to look like it, sound like it, and act like it too. However, no matter what the label might say, sometimes my heart, thoughts, and actions say otherwise. Maybe I won’t write my attorney. In fact, I think tomorrow, I will eat cereal for breakfast.

Be blessed and be a blessing. . . Andy

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