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Different, and yet the same….

November 3, 2019

I got a song stuck in my head at work the other day and I feel a little bit sheepish sharing this with you. I’ll bet you remember it. Well, if you were at least four years old in 1967 when the song was released you remember it (I know this because that’s how old I was in 1967, and I remember it). The lyrics to this song would never fly today what with everyone getting offended about everything and everybody, but back in the day, it was on the air every time you turned around. This song, well really, it was a TV commercial, had to do with hot dogs. Armor hot dogs to be specific. The words went like this. “Hot dogs, Armor hot dogs. What kind of kids eat Armor hot dogs? Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks. Tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chickenpox love hot dogs. Armor hot dogs. The dogs kids like to bite.” Now everybody sing! Political correctness aside, the point of this song was to show that even though kids are different in lots of ways, all of ‘em like hot dogs. I suppose the commercial was effective because fifty-two years later, people are still eating Armor hot dogs. I’ll bet you are wondering what hot dogs have to do with anything even remotely spiritual. Let me show you. When you look at a list of Jesus’ twelve apostles, you will discover that they all came from different backgrounds and careers. Peter, Andrew, James, and John were blue collar fishermen while Matthew was a white-collar government official. Simon was a zealot (a revolutionary in today’s language). Different backgrounds, same Lord. When you read Acts 2:9-11 you will discover people from a whole list of Nations. These people were from different countries, nations, and backgrounds, yet they would join together to form a body of Christ-followers that turned the world upside down. I’m not making this up. Read the book of Acts for yourself! Let’s move this forward into November 2019. As you look around at the folks who make up most any faith family, you will see young, middle-aged, and older folks. There might be a lawyer and a garbage man sitting next to each other, both singing “O, how I love Jesus”. Some Christ-followers have communication skills while others might rarely say a word, but they are always there when you need something or someone. One Christian isn’t any better that another Christian. One gift isn’t of any more value than another gift. In fact, all of the gifts are necessary if the body is going to function as it should with Jesus as the body’s head. Different is good. Diversity is needed and unity is the goal. We Christians are different, but we all follow the same Lord. That song is still in my head. I’m gonna go grab a hot-dog!

Be blessed and be a blessing…Bro. Andy

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