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Are you spiritually asleep?

January 3, 2021

Of all the different symptoms I experienced while dealing with Covid, the only one that really continues to plague me is extreme fatigue. I can be rolling along, doing just fine and all of a sudden, I can hardly hold my eyes open. I try to get plenty of rest but when you are driving down the road or working inside of a prison like I do, sometimes going to sleep just isn’t an option, so you just have to push through. There are some spiritual applications we can make from this “sleep” illustration. Paul tells Christians in Romans 13:11, that we should “wake up, because our salvation is nearer than we think”. While Paul probably wasn’t referring to physically waking up, this little tussle with Covid has given me a whole new appreciation for this verse. I think dealing with 2020 and all that it sent our way has put a lot of us to sleep spiritually. We haven’t been able to “go to church” as often as we would like and we can’t get out and visit folks like we used to so we wrap a blanket around ourselves spiritually and find ourselves falling asleep until things get “back to normal”. As this battle with Covid continues, I am not sure what “normal” is going to look like! As 2021 kicks into gear, we are going to have to “wake up” and think outside the box when it comes to telling our friends and neighbors about Jesus. It may be a through a card, phone call or dare I say it, letter (remember those?) that we find a way to tell folks about Jesus. “Salvation” is closer than we think….for all of us!

Be blessed and be a blessing. . . Brother Andy

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