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What will your legacy be?

May 24, 2020

My grandfather was a terrific fisherman. He could also raise a beautiful garden. My grandmother was a wonderful cook. My dad could make a pizza that tasted so fine, you could’ve hurt yourself eating it if you weren’t careful. My mom is arguably the world’s greatest Sunday school teacher (no, I am not a bit biased). I am not writing this to brag on my family. All of the family members mentioned above with the exception of my mom have passed on, and the fact is, whether I want to admit it or not, mom isn’t young anymore. I am writing this to remind us that one day we too will be gone from this earth. I like to walk through old cemeteries and read the inscriptions on the gravestones. I let my mind wander back as I try to imagine their lives. Even though their name is on a tombstone now, at one time, they were just as alive as we are. They had hopes, dreams, happy times as well as disappointments and heartache. Some lived for just a short time, while others lived to enjoy a good old age. The only common denominators tying every person in the cemetery together are life and death. Some resting there were men while others were women. Some were related, others were not. Some were wealthy while others were poor. Another thing they all have in common is the fact that if they lived long enough, they were remembered for something. Some are remembered by many still today, while others may simply be a name on a tombstone to us, however, at one time, they were loved ones remembered by family members and friends. Unless the Lord comes back, one day we too will have gone from this earth. The question is, what kind of legacy or memory are we leaving behind?

Be blessed and be a blessing…Brother Andy

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