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True JOY! . . .

December 11, 2022 . . .

While doing sermon prep this week, I started thinking about the song “Joy to the World” (the Christmas song, not the song about the bullfrog). As I got this song stuck in my mind, I started thinking about the “world” into which Jesus came. The upcoming birth of Jesus was announced privately to a young, virgin girl (Mary). Jesus was first acknowledged by a baby still in the womb (John the Baptist). His upcoming birth was first announced semi-publicly by an old woman, John’s mother, Elisabeth. The apostles of Jesus were from various backgrounds. Some were well off, while others were poor. During His lifetime, Jesus associated with all different kinds of people, including and perhaps mostly the down trodden, poor, and forgotten. In fact, one of the biggest complaints the religious establishment had about Jesus was the fact that He hung out with the “wrong” people. After His resurrection, Jesus appeared first to a woman who then announced His resurrection to His bewildered Apostles. I’ve said all that to say this. Aren’t you glad Jesus doesn’t have a “type”? When He was living among us, Jesus drew all different kinds of people to Himself. The only folks He excluded were the religious folks who didn’t think they needed Him. He continues to draw all kinds of people to Himself today. Thinking about this brings new meaning to the phrase “For God so loved the WORLD that He gave His only begotten Son.” That’s why we can all sing “Joy to the WORLD, the Lord has come.” Aren’t you glad?

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Bro. Andy

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