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The Ultimate Art of Gifting

Have you ever noticed that in spite of our desire for stuff, we love to give gifts? As a matter of fact, we love to give gifts so much that we travel to foreign territories to be sure to select just the right gift. Parents end up in the teen section wondering what the difference is between an X Box and an MP3 player. Husbands wander around lost in the purse section and women shake their heads, baffled at the selection of golf clubs and fishing poles from which to choose. But we go there, don't we? Birthdays, Christmas presents, graduation gifts, picking out just the right gift and seeing pleasure on the face of the one for whom the gift has been chosen makes it all worthwhile. It gives us such a high that we keep going back, gift after gift, time after time, because it is so important to us. Matthew 7:11 reminds us that if it is so important for us to give gifts to our earthly friends and relatives, how many more gifts our Spiritual Father desires to give to us if we would just ask. I am not advocating a "name it, claim it” type of Gospel. God is not our genie in a bottle, just waiting for us to rub the lamp so He can grant us our three latest wishes. However, just as we want to give our earthly children gifts, God wants to give His Spiritual children gifts as well. As a matter of fact, He gave us the most personal, spiritual gift that we could ever imagine. He gave us the gift of His Son. Wrapped in rags, the Glorious God of heaven left home to come down to foreign and enemy territory in order to give us the Perfect Gift…Himself. If only we would remember.

Be blessed and be a blessing…Bro. Andy

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