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Take Time to be Thankful

September 3, 2023

I know I wrote about this a few weeks ago, but it is still on my mind, probably because God is still working on me to improve this area of my walk, so I am going to revisit what’s troubling me. Most of us are pretty good about praying for God to answer our prayers. As a matter of fact, quite often, I have my list ready to go whenever I sit down to pray. Maybe you do too. With that in mind, here is a question for all of us. Are we as quick to thank God for answering our prayers as we are to give Him our prayer requests? The hustle and bustle, hurry up get out of the way, me first society in which we live leaves neither time nor room for gratitude. As a matter of fact, with a text, email, phone call, or a click of a computer mouse, pretty much anything we want is in our grasp instantly (or however long it takes to ship it to us). The ease with which we can fulfill our desires certainly doesn’t encourage gratitude. In fact, it encourages entitlement and selfishness. I suppose this shouldn’t surprise us because are all familiar with the ten lepers Jesus healed. I’m sure all ten of these guys lifted up a whole lot of prayer requests, but when their prayers were finally answered, only one came back to thank Jesus for answering his prayer requests. Christ followers, most of us need to work at being grateful. You may be saying to yourself, “I am up to my eyeballs in bad news, what in the world do I have to be thankful for?” Can I remind you (and me too) that even though things might not be going the way we would like right now, we should still be the most thankful people in the world. We have been born again and adopted into the family of God. Heaven is our home, and today, we are one day closer to going home. We are just passing through this old world, and we should be passing through with our eyes on Jesus, not on our troubles.

Be thankful, be blessed, and then, go be a blessing . . . Bro. Andy

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