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Spend time loving others!

September 12, 2021

With all the arguing, discord and just outright ugly we see on a regular basis when we turn on the news, log on to our computers, or even try to have a simple conversation with someone, it seems that everyone has their minds made up about everything and not only are their minds made up, a line has been drawn in the sand and folks are ready to fight if you get close to that line! I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that some of the ugly spills over into our spiritual lives as well. I read and study my Bible. I would encourage you to read and study your Bible as well. The answers are there. Please don't study with your mind already made up. Pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance and I assure you it will change your walk with God forever. We preachers sometimes think that we have something "New" to "enlighten" everyone. Truth is, if we let the Bible be our guiding truth, it has all been preached before. The things we "debate" today have been debated for nearly 2,000 years and will continue to be debated for the next 2,000 if the world stands that long. Jesus said that the world would know who His followers were by the love that they showed one another, NOT by who had every position right on every doctrine known to mankind. The fact of the matter is this. None of us are "right" on every issue. The only way that any of us are going to get to heaven is by the grace of God. It is high time that believers quit believing that others need more grace than we do because we have it right while other just don't see it. Can we not just bask in the wonder that God loves us enough to save any of us? It's a miracle that He saved too. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place to "Contend for the faith" but perhaps we should spend less time contending and more time loving each other and showing the love of Jesus to others. The Pharisees had it together with their doctrine but, in reality, were farther from God than the prostitutes and tax collectors. I don't want that to be me. I don't want that to be you either. May others see the light of Jesus in us as we go out into a dark world.

Y’all have a blessed day . . .Andy

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