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Reflections . . . Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow . .

June 5, 2022 . . .

A little while back, I received news that a friend of mine, Jeff, had passed away. Actually, I did a Google search on him to try to find out where he was living and what he was doing these days. Instead, of getting his address and phone number, I stumbled across of all things, his obituary. He was one of three guys, Andy, Dan, and Jeff who went to school together. When I say we went to school together, I really mean to say that we were best friends. I met Dan in the third grade. He lived on a street over the hill from our house and our dads worked together at DuPont. I met the second fella in the sixth grade and we all three left school together in the same graduating class. As time continued to roll on, as far as I know, I never saw the young man who had been one of my two best friends after that day. We all went our separate ways. Jeff went to work for the State of Tennessee while my other friend and I went off to college. I went to school in Florida, while Dan went to college in a foreign country…Memphis (Tennessee, not Egypt, but if you have ever been to Memphis, Tennessee, it is basically a foreign country). Dan and I have seen each other a few times since we graduated, and we are still friends on Facebook. When I read the news about Jeff, I couldn’t help but think of old memories of the three of us (and others) in school and marvel how long ago those days were. I really am getting to a point; I’m just taking the scenic route. Little did the three of us know, way back then, how our lives would turn out. Oh, we thought we knew, but we really had no clue. I can’t speak for Dan and Jeff, but I can tell you one thing I didn’t think about back then and that is the end of my life. I knew (and know) in my head that one of these days, my life on this earth will be over. The problem is, I still think I have plenty of time and I may. But I may not, which leads me to the point I am finally ready to make! What are we living for? Today or tomorrow? Will what we are doing today make a difference tomorrow? Are we ready for tomorrow? I hope so, because one of these todays, will be our last.

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Bro. Andy

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