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Pardon this Interruption

June 25, 2023

Yesterday while I was at work, I was trying to do a couple of hours required online training. A lot of the ‘training” we do every year is irrelevant to the job I perform, and it seems that the higher ups find the dullest speaker they can find to present this irrelevant material. Yesterday, however, our training was about human trafficking and was very interesting. Just as I was getting involved in the training, my phone rang. Then, after I finished the phone call and started the training again, someone called me over the radio. After I handled that issue and settled once more into training, an inmate came in the door with some issues. When it looked like I would never get back to the training due to all the interruptions, I said to myself “self, you can get this training done during the two hours the inmates are in for count and for lunch”. However, when the inmates went to their units for count, my boss called me and told me I had been “voluntold” to sit in on a conference call with a group trying to start some re-entry training for our inmates. Today, as I type this, I have been interrupted three times. Interruptions…they happen to us several times a day and if we let them, they can drain us of our patience and our joy. On the other hand, I can’t help but remember the story Dr. Luke tells us in Acts 3 about Peter and John going to church and getting “interrupted” by the beggar who wanted alms and got legs. While pondering “interruptions” in the Bible, my mind went to the Good Samaritan. We don’t know where this Samaritan was going, but wherever it was, he never got there because he was “interrupted” by a man who had been robbed, beaten, and left for dead. James has it right when he tells us not to say, “Tomorrow we are going to do this or that.” Instead, we should preface our statement with “If the Lord wills” because our Lord is a Master Interrupter. Usually when He interrupts our day, He gives us an opportunity to help others as well as an opportunity to praise and glorify Him. I am convinced God fills our life with Divine appointments. I am also learning He gives us Divine interruptions as well. Let’s accept these appointments and interruptions for what they are and go be a blessing to someone.

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Bro. Andy

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