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Is this the Complaint Department?

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

November 10, 2019

I turned on the radio yesterday and I heard it. Then I looked at my Facebook and Twitter and boy oh boy, did I read it. I went inside a Twice Daily store and I heard it again. Seems like you can’t escape it. The “it” to which I refer is complaining…about…everything. I listen to two different sports talk shows. One has a segment that is called “Who Owes You An Apology”. This particular segment is full of folks telling everybody about how they were wronged and how someone should be apologizing to them. Usually it is sports related and light hearted with something along the lines of, “The Titans owe me an apology for the egg they laid last Sunday and the Sunday before that,” and so and so forth, but sometimes the apologies are quite serious and occasionally are downright mean. The other sports talk show has a deal called “Primary Complaint”. You can probably guess the subject matter for this segment. I realize things don’t always go our way and I also realize that some things happen to us during the course of our day that probably do need to be addressed. However, as Christians, we have been so blessed that we should be able to think about our blessings and let most of the less than perfect stuff that happens to us as we go about our day slide right on by. For those occasional issues we feel we must address, may I offer all of us a word of counsel? As Christians, we are the mouthpiece of Jesus Christ. Although we may have an issue that needs attention, we need to be sure that the way we react to that issue is in line with our Christian walk and talk. While it might feel really good (for the moment) to give some customer service person a piece of our minds, before we do, we need to consider this. First, do we have enough mind to give anyone even a little piece of it and second, who knows what that person has been through that day? He or she may have a sick loved one or they may be working three jobs to support their family (not all jobs pay the same as ours). Also, it may not even be that poor soul’s fault that our doo-hicky is the wrong size for our whatcha-ma-callit and most of all, when our little snit fit is over and we calm down, if we are walking with the Spirit at all, we are going to realize that we were not a very good example of a Jesus follower and we will feel really guilty. And who knows, we just might find ourselves talked about on “Who Owes Me An Apology!”

Be blessed and be a blessing....Bro. Andy

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