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I have learned to be content.

January 26, 2020

I have been watching the Tennessee Tians for a long time. Over the years, the Titans have brought out a lot of different emotions in me. Joy, excitement, anger, aggravation, bewilderment, and sometimes downright consternation top the list. For the most part, this past season was fun and at times even thrilling. Unfortunately, their unlikely run to the Super Bowl came to a screeching halt last week in Kansas City. After the game, while I was disappointed they lost, I looked back and appreciated the season that the Titans had. However, when I looked at my social media or listened to sports radio on Monday, I was flabbergasted as to how many people were saying things like “the Titans are awful”, “the Titans choked”, “Blow up the team and start over, they are terrible”, “fire the coach” and so forth. As I listened to this I started pondering. Have we gotten to the point where we expect everything in our world to be rainbows and kittens all the time, and if it isn’t, whose fault is it? Who can we blame? I am afraid this is the thinking of many people. It is time we as a society pump the brakes and realize that it isn’t all about us or making any one individual happy and content. Life is a series of ups and downs that we have to learn to navigate if we are going to find any semblance of balance. If things are good all of the time, we never learn to handle those times when things go south. If things are tough most of the time, we never learn to deal with (or even expect) success. Paul said it best in Philippians 4:11, “in whatever state I find myself, I have learned to be content.” Hmmm. LEARNED to be content. Could it be that we need to go back to school for some learning? Or, could it be that the life we are now living, with its ups and downs is in fact a classroom? We need to think about that lest we get too high or too low when life throws us its next pitch. The Titans were probably not as good as they were in their best win this year, nor were they as bad as they were in their worst loss. Guess what, as we examine our lives, neither are we.

Be blessed and go be a blessing…Bro. Andy

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