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How's your laundry lookin'?

November 24, 2019

A woman was looking out of her kitchen window when she noticed that her next-door neighbor had hung her laundry on the clothesline to dry. She commented to her husband, “Her laundry is still kind of dirty. She needs to use different soap.” Every morning she would make the same comment to her husband, criticizing the cleanliness of her neighbor’s laundry. One morning she exclaimed, “WOW!!! Her laundry really is clean this morning. I wonder if someone talked to her about changing her laundry detergent?” Her husband replied, “This morning I got up early and…. cleaned the kitchen window!” The moral to this story is this. The cleanliness of your neighbor’s laundry is dependent upon the cleanliness of the lens through which you see. Jesus told a story about people who try to get specks of dust out of the eyes of others, while a two by four is hanging out of their own eye. At times, we should be concerned about our neighbor’s dirty laundry (at other times it is none of our business). However, at all times, we should be even MORE concerned with the cleanliness of our own. Blindness to our own sin while being critical of the sins of others is really nothing new. When God confronted Adam after the fall, Adam immediately blamed “That woman” for all the trouble. He even indirectly blamed God. He reminded God that it was, after all, God who gave Eve to him in the first place!! (Read Genesis chapter three just to be sure I am not making all of this up.) Dirty laundry, two by fours, and the blame game…may we see our own dirty laundry for what it is and turn to Jesus for cleansing!

Be blessed and be a blessing…Bro. Andy

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