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Go look in a mirror. What do you see?

December 29, 2019

T’was the night before Christmas, God glanced over the earth. He looked to and fro, all over its girth. They missed it again, He said with a sigh, a real heavy heart and a tear in His eye. I gave them my Son, so they could be free. My greatest gift to them, from me. They traded me in for a man in red. A little tree and a horse drawn sled. How do I save them and make them see, my love is complete and my grace is free. How do I help them, when all they know, is a talking snowman and a box with a bow. Maybe next year they will stop and see,

the greatest gift of Christmas is the child sent from me.

No, I didn’t write that poem, but the poem got me pondering. The only way a lost world will understand what Christmas is all about is if someone tells ‘em! Now, do me a favor, when you get a chance:

Go look in a mirror. What do you see? Why, that’s a somebody there, starring right back at me. He has two eyes, two ears and a chin And right about now, has a big toothy grin. Christmas is special, I know it so well. It’s time for this somebody to find someone to tell.

I did write that one! Now that “Christmas” is over and the new year is upon us, let’s get after it and make 2020 a year that makes a difference in God’s Kingdom work. He does His work through us, so let’s go tell others about what Jesus has done for us and stands ready to do for them!

Be blessed and be a blessing…. Bro. Andy

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