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Ever Illusive Contentment . . .

June 26, 2022 . . .

I am all about looking toward the future because I can't change the past. However, if my mind wanders too far into the future, an attitude of discontentment often creeps in. It will be cooler soon…but boy, I’m just too hot today. It will be warmer in a couple of months, but today, I have never been so cold in my life. I will find a better job soon, but I think I will quit this miserable job I have now. It won’t be long until I find the perfect _________ (you fill in the blank), then I’ll have it going on! We look around and see others and think, “If I only had ________, like they have, life would be grand.” Paul reminds us in Philippians 4:11 to learn to be content. Right now. No matter what is going on in our lives. A key word in Paul’s instruction is the word “learned”. Contentment is a learned attitude. For most of us, contentment takes a lifetime to learn. I don’t know about you, but when I try to learn something, I usually try to learn it fast. However, as I’ve lived for nearly sixty years, I must admit, the best lessons I have learned, I learned through experience, over time. In other words, I have learned most of my lasting lessons the hard way! Maybe, just maybe, I need to learn to live one day at a time, letting the Lord stay out front. One of the keys to contentment is learning to be satisfied…today. Jesus told us we should pray “Give us THIS day, our DAILY bread”. An attitude of contentment is a wonderful blessing. If God keeps working with me, on me, and in me, I, like Paul, just might learn to be content. “Lord, help me be content with my life and my circumstances TODAY and help me see the opportunities you have in store for me TODAY. I know you have already taken care of tomorrow. In Jesus name, Amen!”

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Bro. Andy

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