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Don’t Take the Bait!

November 12, 2023

I have discovered a few things this week that have made my life easier. I have discovered when I am scrolling through social media, instead of taking the time to stop and read every post, if the person doing the posting starts out being mean, hateful, argumentative, or is just plain nuts, I simply keep right on scrolling! If they are REALLY mean, hateful, argumentative, or have gone totally around the bend, I mute them! If someone tries to engage me in a conversation that is a time killer or is mean spirited, gossipy (is gossipy even a word?) or discouraging, I am trying to either politely disengage, or at least attempt to turn the direction of the conversation into one that is more pleasant, positive, and constructive. These two discoveries have allowed me to stay on task and stay focused on the things that I need to be focused on. Let me repeat one of my favorite quotes, “Just because someone puts a baited hook in front of you, it doesn’t mean you have to bite.” Did you know Jesus practiced this philosophy? In Mark chapter one, Jesus was traveling all over Galilee teaching, preaching, and healing folks. As you might suspect, the more miracles He performed, the bigger the crowds got. Beginning in Mark 1:35, Jesus got up very early in the morning to be alone and to pray. Some time later, Peter came up to Jesus and told Him that everyone was looking for Him because apparently, a lot of people needed to be healed. What Jesus told Peter next was astonishing. In verse thirty-eight Jesus said, “Let’s go into the next towns, that I may preach there also, because for this purpose I have come forth.” Jesus ignored the baited hook and went right on about His business. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to participate in every argument to which we are invited. Jesus knew how to keep His focus on what was most important. We would do well to learn from His example.

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Bro. Andy

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