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Do you need some change?

August 16, 2020

Don’t ya just love change? About the time you have learned where the dog food is in Kroger, they change it around so that you will have to hunt for it. While you are hunting, you start filling your shopping cart up with stuff you forgot you “needed” until you saw it. Just when you got used to Windows 7 on your computer, along came Windows 8 and you had to start learning all over again. This morning at work, we were on “fog routine”. It is rarely foggy enough for us to have our normal workflow interrupted, but this morning, it was! This change is rare enough that folks were all over the radio asking central operations if we could do this or that “like we always do”. 2020 has forced a bunch of changes on us, and as much as most of us despise change, it can be good for us. Especially in the area of our walk with God. Getting “comfortable” in our walk can kill us spiritually. In one sense, God does want us to be comfortable praying to Him and being in His presence. After all, as Jesus said, God is our “Abba Father” (Daddy). On the other hand, getting too comfortable with God can make us stagnant and keep us from growing. This is true in our church services as well. It is good to “change things up” occasionally to keep worship fresh and alive rather than routine. While it is good to have a set time to do our praying, Bible reading and meditation, why not try something different and spontaneous? Read from a different translation. Try journaling or praying in a different room or at a different time. Change…You just might be surprised at the outcome!

Be blessed and be a blessing...Bro. Andy

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