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Being a Christian . . . Being like Christ

April 29, 2020

When are we, as Christians, gonna wake up and realize that a world is watching us? They are watching us get in our cars and go to worship on Sunday mornings (at least they used to watch us....sigh). However, that is only the beginning of the things they are watching. They watch how we dress. They watch how we talk and they watch how we treat others. They watch what we put on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. The question is this, what are they seeing when they watch? Let me rephrase that, not what are they seeing, but WHO are they seeing. You see, getting in your car and going to church does not make a person a Christian. The word Christian doesn't mean "church goer". The word Christian means "being like Christ". You say, "Yes, I am a Christian." The question then becomes, do others see Jesus in you. Be careful how you answer that question. Jesus ate with sinners, thieves, and prostitutes. He even called an IRS agent and a Jewish militant to be among His apostles. He forgave sinners and slapped down preachers. He spoke up for the poor and oppressed and gave a voice to those whom society largely ignored. Jesus never condoned sin, but he didn't give up on sinners either. He just loved them...all the way to the cross. I don't know about you, but God has forgiven (and continues to forgive) me for a whole bunch of mess. As a matter of fact, without Him, I'm toast. Guess what, so are you. Christians, let's quit living like we think we are better than everyone else, especially those sinners over there. Let’s realize that we ARE those sinners over there, except we know someone they don't...Jesus. Let's let the same love that God has shown us, through Jesus Christ, flow though us on the sick, poor, needy, and oppressed. Instead of just going to church (when the doors open back up), let's BE the church.

Y’all have a blessed day . . . Bother Andy

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