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Are you ready for the best trip you’ll ever take!

November 17, 2019

When I was growing up, the first week of June always meant vacation time for my family. Usually, that involved a trip to the Smoky Mountains. I have fond memories of those trips. Bear hunting (from the backseat of a car, not with a weapon…my grandmother said I couldn’t have a weapon because I might shoot my eye out), picnics in the Chimney Tops picnic area, creek stomping, horseback rides, and train voyages through the mountains are just a few of the terrific memories I have from those days. Almost as much fun as the trips themselves was the anticipation that went along with them. Planning the trip, packing the bags and loading the cooler with drinks and snacks took up most of the spare time we had prior to the trip. Often, while we were planning and packing, our conversation would begin something like this. “Remember when Pa got that speeding ticket on the way to the mountains” or “I want to go back and eat at the Pancake House like we did last year.” I even learned some life lessons on those trips. Once, while on vacation in the Smokies, we went to Dollywood and during a skit we were watching, this very attractive young lady actress picked my grandfather out of the audience to “marry” her as part of the skit. When we got home, some folks at church asked me what we did in the Smokies. I replied, “Pa committed adultery!” I know, I know…I was ten, ok? The life lesson learned was not to tell all you know and if you do know something be sure your facts are straight before you tell it. My grandfather did NOT think that it was amusing. My grandmother however got a kick out of it! Anticipating a trip to the Smokies or to some other vacation destination is fun, but I am anticipating another trip that will be the most fun I have ever had and that trip is the trip I will be taking home. Not home to Marie (although I anticipate that trip each afternoon), but home to be with Jesus…forever. How about you? Are you packing? Have you made preparations and if you have, are you telling others about your travel plans and about your final destination? Better yet, why not invite them along? My Father’s house has plenty of room for all of us. Live, have fun, but travel light, the real journey is just beginning! Be blessed and be a blessing… Bro. Andy

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