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December 27, 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, as I look back over the year, one word sums it all up, and that word is “unexpected”. While every year has its share of curveballs that are thrown our way, most of us have never experienced anything like the barrage of surprises tossed to us by 2020. When the year began, we heard rumblings about a strange virus just beginning to show up, mostly across the Big Pond. As reports of this virus began to trickle into the United States, people started to take notice, but most of us weren’t overly concerned. We have experienced things like this before and they always fizzled out. But this time, the unexpected occurred. This time the virus didn’t fizzle out, it caught fire. Scientists, doctors, and politicians all told us that if we could lock things down for two weeks, we could slow down the spread and be ahead of the eight ball instead of behind it as far as this virus was concerned. So, we all stayed at home to “flatten the curve” and defeat Covid-19. Then, the unexpected appeared again. The “National Quarantine” didn’t work and both positive cases and deaths continued to rise. As spring approached, the “murder hornets” arrived. Fortunately, that little unexpected surprise was short-lived. As 2020 marched on, we discovered that “Unexpected” still had cards to deal. Masks, Zoom meetings, and working from home became common place. Last but certainly not least, in November, a cherry, in the form of a very contentious presidential election, was placed on top of the cake that was 2020. As we anticipate the arrival of 2021, may I remind us that it, too, will be filled with surprises and unexpected events, many of which have never crossed our minds yet. However, in the midst of the unexpected, do you know what we can expect? God is still on His throne, that’s what. No matter how crazy and out of control 2020 was and no matter what cards 2021 has up her sleeve, God was and is and always will be on His throne. He is in control. Nothing happens that surprises Him. I don’t know about you, but as 2020 exits and 2021 appears on the horizon, I plan to stay as close to God as I can get. As a matter of fact, I believe I will find a safe place, beneath the protection of His wings. Be blessed and be a blessing. . . Brother Andy

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