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So, what are you craving???

October 25, 2020

Being home alone on Covid quarantine, I decided I would put in some time on the Sunday sermon. I prayed, sat down at my desk, opened my Bible and opened my computer Bible study software…so far so good. I realized I was missing something. Then it dawned on me that even though I wasn't super hungry, I could do with a little bite to eat so I decided that a pack of peanut butter crackers would do the trick. I know they were for my lunch at work, but I figured I was working, and that was close enough…so back to grind I went. A little later, the tinge hit me again. This time a banana served the purpose. I got a little more work done until the craving for a few grapes flung itself upon me. After a bit, the sweet tooth hit and it was time for a small piece of cake. After finishing up for the day, I realized I had gone for about eight hours, with absolutely nothing substantial to eat! The sad part was, I wasn't hungry at all because I had filled up on snack food! It tasted great and I enjoyed it very much, but I did not accomplish a thing as far as nutrition was concerned. As a matter of fact, I went backward! I am afraid we often do the same thing spiritually. We snack on this verse and take a bite of a really cute Christian quote, but we never eat a balanced spiritual diet, and we never grow. We are full, but we are full of sugar-coated, feel good, do-it-yourself motivational tidbits which crowd out our desire for more substantial spiritual food. Unfortunately, this has created a generation of spiritual diabetics who are sugared out and are spiritually sick. Let's dump our junk food and eat healthy both physically AND spiritually. We just might be surprised with the results!

Have a blessed week….Bro. Andy

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