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Eternal Life begins with Jesus Christ

May 9, 2021

I once had a cat named Fat Louie. When Louie wanted food, Louie got it. When Louie wanted head rubs, Louie got them. When Louie wanted to go out, out he went. When he wanted in, in he came. He ate like four cats (hence the name FAT Louie). After eating a meal fit for a king, at least that's what the bag of cat food said, (I've often wondered if people get paid to sit around and eat pet food so that the food processing people could print "fit for a king" on the bag) anyway, after eating, Louie would flop over and take a nap, unless our kitten, named Monkey…don't ask…decided that Louie's tail made a perfect play pretty. In other words, Louie had it going on. In fact, sometimes I think that it might not be too bad to switch places with Louie. In fact, I started pondering on that and it dawned on me that as Christians, we have it going on even better than Fat Louie and his head rubs. Stay with me. Scripture tells us that Jesus IS life and life eternal. Revelation 3:20 reminds us that when we answer the knocking of Jesus on our heart's door, Jesus "comes IN to us" That means that when we make Jesus our Savior and Lord, Jesus is IN us. That means we have eternal life IN us, right now. Many people confuse eternal life with heaven. Eternal life is not a destination. Heaven is not eternal life; heaven is an address. Eternal life begins the moment we answer the knock of Jesus. One day we will cast off this physical body with all its handicaps and limitations. We will leave this place and move to a new address, Heaven. Jesus is preparing our places now. What does that mean to us? It means that Jesus wants us to live life like we are never going to die, because spiritually, we won't. Spiritually we were already dead in our sins when Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins. Ephesians 2 tells us that Jesus has "made us alive". We have been resurrected with a new heart. This heart and spirit will life forever. As Christians, no matter what bad things happen here on earth, they are only temporary. All of the setbacks, illnesses and disappointments are merely bumps in the road during the journey to our new home. Louie might have gotten food fit for a king, but we get to live with the King. Forever. No one can beat the deal we have. Louie has since passed on to that great sandbox in the sky but I am pretty sure that wherever his is, right about now, he wants to go outside!

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Brother Andy

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