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We Can Make a Difference!

August 1, 2021

How often do we just wander through our lives, from point A to point B and never really see the people we encounter on the journey? The greatest defense that Christianity has against the world and other religions is not trained apologists, theologians, and seminarians arguing the virtues of Christianity. Christianity's greatest defense is in Christian men, woman, boys, and girls living out their Christianity every day. The best way we can do that is to show love, care and concern for those God places in our paths. A little over two thousand years ago, Jesus' plan to spread His good news to the world was based on a small group of men and women each doing their part to live out their faith. Guess what? It worked. It worked without million-dollar church buildings and the latest lights, cameras, and movie clips. Do you realize that they didn't even have the New Testament? They were LIVING the New Testament! Today we have the book of Acts which is chock full of miracles and the Holy Spirit coming down. We have Romans where Paul wraps up God's salvation plan in a neat little package. (In depth, but neat). We have Acts, Romans, and Revelation. They had...Leviticus. They also had a burning faith to tell a dying world about a resurrected carpenter who had changed their lives. By the way, they got their job done. The same New Testament that gives us Acts, Romans, and Revelation tells us that by the end of the first century, the gospel had spread throughout all of the known world, and was headed for the unknown. What about us? In spite of our superior technology, conveniences, and comforts, we are actually going backward as far as reaching the lost. Most church growth, especially in the western world, is transfer growth. It is old fish moving to a new pond. We are not giving birth to new fish. We are not making a difference in our world. That difference HAS to be lived out every day. Our world isn't dying because it is immoral, it is dying because it needs Jesus! We need that same burning faith to tell a dying world about a resurrected carpenter who has changed our lives. (Or has He changed our lives? That bears exploring). WE have been given a wonderful opportunity to serve God right here and right now. Let's wake up out of our selfishness and self-centeredness. Pay attention to those wild kids across the street who could use a good example. Take the time to really see that mother who is struggling to keep her head above water or that father who is working three jobs just to feed his family. Let's get busy doing what God has planned for us to do. Notice the people GOD has placed around you. Notice them and love them. SHOW them Jesus. We can make a difference. One person at a time.

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Andy

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