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Listening Can Be Challenging . . .

August 14, 2022 . . .

As I write this, Marie is busy cooking breakfast for her mom. As most of you know, her mom, Ms. Kozy, has dementia and is really hard of hearing, so as Marie asked Ms. Kozy how she wanted her eggs, of course Ms. Kozy couldn’t understand her. So, Marie had to repeat it about three times, speaking louder every time she asked the question. When Ms. Kozy finally understood what Marie was asking, she said she wanted her eggs scrambled. I’m pretty sure that when Marie gets them cooked, it won’t be what Ms. Kozy wants because with Ms. Kozy’s dementia, she doesn’t know what she wants. Listening to this conversation between Marie and her Mom and knowing the results of several previous conversations between them, I started pondering. I wonder how many times God has tried to get my attention and, because I am hard of hearing, I didn’t hear Him? So, sometimes (quite often if I’m honest) God has to repeat the request louder. Turns out, the Sprint guy’s “Can you hear me now” question didn’t originate with Sprint! Then, when God finally gets my attention, like a confused Ms. Kozy, I don’t know what to do with what the Lord is telling me! Lord, I pray that as I go about my day, I would listen for your prompting. Help me to drown out the noise of life so that I can hear when you speak. When I read your word, I pray that those wonderful words of life would take root in my heart and make me more like Jesus. Help me to understand your words and your ways and most of all Lord, help me learn to trust you in everything, In Jesus name, amen. I am thankful for the reminders God sends me through my family, friends, and circumstances because sometimes, I need reminding. Maybe you do too!

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Bro Andy

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