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How will you respond to the call?

February 23, 2020

As I was preparing to teach Sunday School last week, I came across a familiar passage that taught me a lesson I never thought of before. In Luke 9:57-62, three different scenarios teach us about “following” Jesus. The first guy says, “I will follow you.” Jesus replies by telling him that foxes have dens and birds have nests, but Jesus has nowhere to rest His head. Jesus comes to a second man and says, “Follow me.” This man answers by saying he first had to go bury his father. Jesus tells him, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Finally, a third man tells Jesus that he would like to follow Him, but first he needed to say goodbye to his family. Jesus responds by telling him to put his hand to the plow and don’t look back. Now, all of my preaching days, I have preached and taught that this passage is teaching that we are to put Jesus first and not make excuses about serving Him. That is an application of this Scripture, but I am convinced that if we stop here, we are missing the main point of Jesus’ conversation with these guys. These men want to follow Jesus, they want to be disciples. Jesus is telling them that the cost of discipleship is great. A disciple might not have earthly things, he might even be homeless. If it comes between a father’s funeral and teaching another about Jesus, a disciple may have to miss his papa’s funeral. In order to be a true disciple of Jesus, a Christ follower may have to choose between family, friends, and Jesus. A true disciple can’t start out with Jesus and then start remembering all the things he has “given up” to follow Him. He has to be totally “Sold out” to the Savior. Here is what hit me in a new way. It is almost as if Jesus is trying to talk them OUT of following Him! That doesn’t sound like such a hot marketing strategy does it? In fact, it is the opposite of what most churches and preachers in America are teaching and preaching. Many teach about the “Free gift” of salvation, and it is free. But, the cost of true, genuine discipleship is steep. Jesus demands that we give up ALL and follow Him. We sing, “I surrender all,” but do we? This has sure got me pondering. I hope it revs up your mind as well. What is standing between you and total surrender to Jesus? Have a blessed week.

Be blessed and be a blessing...Bro. Andy

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