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Does this Light shine in your world?

December 22, 2019

When I got home last night, it was really dark and really raining. As I looked into the darkness that is my little paradise here on the Piney River, I let my mind wander back to another dark night. On this dark night, a bunch of shepherds stood guard over their sheep. I can imagine the flames from a fire casting an orange yellow glow round about. Sounds of the night fill the air. Crickets, owls and other creatures that are at home in the night scurry about. I can picture some of the shepherds asleep by the fire while others take their turns standing guard over the precious sheep. This night is the same as the countless nights before it. Until it wasn't. Until a bright light appeared! This wasn't just any light, it was a light that lit up the whole area. This light showed the glory of God! I can picture those sleepy shepherds waking from their slumber to a light so bright, they have to close their eyes again. I can imagine the shepherds who were standing guard tightening the grip on their staffs and looking at the sheep and each other with fear, confusion and wonder. As if the light wasn't enough, an angel appears and tells these shepherds to "FEAR NOT"! Right…fear not. You try having your sleep interrupted by the brightest light you ever saw, never mind the angel guy saying fear not. Fear not…right. Then the angel told them that this very night, the Savior of the world was born in Bethlehem. These shepherds must have been right on the outskirts of Bethlehem, because they went to find out the truth for themselves and the truth they found was a baby. Not just any baby because this baby was the source of the light. As a matter of fact, this baby was THE Light. The Light of the world. At my age, there are very few things of which I am sure. One thing is certain. These shepherds never forgot this night! Every night that followed must have been somewhat of a disappointment. Did they look toward the heavens for a glimpse of glory? Did they listen for the far away singing of that angelic choir? Can you imagine the answer when, the next morning, one of the shepherds’ wives asks him…so honey, how was your night? The lives of these shepherds were changed forever this one night, because this one night was different than any other night before or since. This night...while the world slept...the most incredible thing happened. God came. Because of this night, these shepherds and the world have never been the same. Does this Light shine in your world? I hope so. If it does, may your world be forever changed!

Be blessed and be a blessing....Brother Andy

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