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Be like the geese!

October 3, 2021

I never really noticed the difference between ducks and geese. At first glance, a goose looks like a big duck. My former next-door neighbors have a flock of geese. One little duck hangs out with the geese. When the flock comes by, the little duck let's out a dainty "quack quack quack" and waddles right on by. The geese on the other hand are anything but dainty. They let out a noise that can best be described as "groooonkkk" and when they groooonkkk, it is loud. It sounds kind of like what I imagine a sick platypus would sound like. When geese start gronking, there is no sleeping or soft conversation, you are awake! Geese gronk the loudest when they feel threatened. Which is when anything larger than a mosquito comes near. Even if just one goose is being singled out, the whole flock goes to gronking and flapping their wings. I started pondering. What if we Christians looked out for one another the way geese do. If one of us was threatened, we all gronk. If one of us was being tempted and attacked by Satan, gronking would come alive. Who knows, we might start a whole new concept. Looking out for each other instead of back biting and devouring. I don't know about you, but I’m gonna start practicing my grroonnk.

Be blessed and be a blessing . . . Andy

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